Nursing in Dubai | Qualifications and Licensing


To be eligible to pursue your dream of nursing in Dubai it is vital that you have all of the necessary qualifications and licenses. This is true of Registered Nurses, Assistant Nurses and Midwifes who plan on nursing in Dubai.


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) first of all requires that you have all of the necessary qualifications and licensing to practice as a nurse in your own country. Furthermore, you must not have had an interruption in nursing practice for a period longer than 2 years.

For a full list of requirements from the official DHA website then click here.

Simply having the appropriate documentation to practice nursing within your own country is not enough to begin nursing practice in Dubai. As well as everything that is set out by DHA in the link above you may be required to pass the DHA Assessment in Nursing / Midwifery.

This assessment (always given in English) is either computer based or orally assessed. However the DHA Assessment is not necessary for all nurses and midwives. For a full list of the countries and issued qualifications that render an applicant exempt from having to undergo this assessment then click here.

In order to work in Dubai you are also going to need the relevant working permits, labor cards, health clearance and residency Visas. These are outline in brief below, or you may want to read our full guide on the subject.

Entry Visa

Issued to most prospective nurses on arrival into Dubai. An entry Visa simply states that you have been given permission from the appropriate authorities to enter the country.

Health Card

A Health Card is required for all expedites intending to stay in Dubai for work or residency. A Health Card will state that you do not carry any infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis. This is especially important for nurses who are planning on working in the country, as it is in nearly all countries.

 Labor Card

A Labor Card is essentially permission from the UAE authorities that you have permission to work within the country. This is given based upon a valid health card, entry Visa and a written agreement of employment from your prospective employer.

Residency Visa

A Residency Visa is given as permission to live in Dubai for a period longer than 30 days. Whilst an entry Visa is suitable for people staying in Dubai on a temporary basis (such as for a holiday or to visit family) a Residency Visa is required to actively reside in a property in Dubai and be employed.

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