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Welcome to the leading online resource centre for Nursing in Dubai. If you’re considering an exciting move to further your career in nursing by moving to Dubai then you’ve landed on the right page!


Dubai is a booming metropolis with a huge demand for a professional, hard-working nurse such as yourself. The rapid growth of Dubai may be over, but the expansion of the city has left room for health care professionals to move in and really make a difference to an exciting new city and its population.

If you’re sick of working in your current job with too little pay, too few benefits and no prospects then a change to a nursing job in Dubai may be exactly what you need.

Nursing in Dubai | Salary

The average salary expected for a nurse in Dubai is estimated to be between 2,500-10,000 UAD which equates to approximately $800-2500, £450-1600 or €525-2000.

The beginning salary for a nurse in Dubai is dependent on qualification and position as well as whether the hospital is funded privately or by the government. A huge advantage of nursing in Dubai however is that your income will be tax-free. Furthermore many nursing jobs in Dubai come with a wide range of benefits including insurance, accommodation allowance and travel expenses.

This is true of any nursing position worldwide, and wages much higher than this can be expect if you are hired for a nursing position within a company or for a private family.

Your recruitment agency or employer will have more details on your expected salary should you enquire.

Nursing in Dubai | Requirements

In order to begin your journey towards nursing in Dubai there are some requirements that you are going to have to meet. Namely, you are going to have the appropriate Nursing qualification to practice nursing in your home country and have no interruption in your nursing practice for more than 2 years. You are then required to pass the assessment set forth by the Dubai Health Authority. For more information on the requirements click here.

You will also be expected to have the appropriate working permits and Visas.

Advantages of Nursing in Dubai

There are a whole host of advantages to taking a nursing job in Dubai beyond just the warm climate and beautiful scenery. One of the most commonly cited is that earned income is tax free. This means that every UAD that you earn will yours to keep. Paid leave for nurses in Dubai is often very good too, with many roles offering up to 40 days paid holiday for full time workers.

Furthermore the employment benefits that many immigrating nurses receive when taking a job in Dubai are very generous. It is very common for nurses to receive free accommodation or a housing allowance. Alongside this many employers will also include dental, health and life insurance alongside travel allowances. These travel allowances will often fund both travel to the workplace as well as flights back to the country of origin for a nurse. Nurses with children can also receive an educational allowance for their children to go through school.

Disadvantages of Nursing in Dubai

The biggest disadvantage to pursuing your nursing career in Dubai is that you will usually be expected to work a slightly longer working week of 48 hours than the typical 40 hour work week is the USA, UK and many parts of Europe. Arguably this is not a big issue as Dubai health authorities tend to be stricter about the amount of overtime nurses can work, and so you are unlikely to be loaded with extra hours on top of this.

The language barrier for many will be the biggest issue. The official language of Dubai is Arabic, a non-Latin language. The fact that English is the second language of Dubai will come as a relief to many considering a move to Dubai to be a nurse. There are currently over 100,000 British expatriates so you will be far from alone if you’re moving to Dubai as a Westerner!

Due to the fact Dubai is often considered an “international city” the Islamic laws in the city tend to be more lax than in other Islamic parts of the Middle East. It is not a requirement to wear traditional coverings for either men or women; instead it is only asked that you maintain a level of decency. Alcohol is also served in hundreds of bars and hotels across the city too thanks to the booming tourist industry in Dubai.

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